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The importance of water in Fuerteventura

Barranco del Río Cabras

The title of this article: “The importance of water in Fuerteventura”, perhaps makes one think of the importance of water in the development of the island. However, these letters go much further. They pretend to be a voice of protest and a way to raise awareness of the scarcity of water on the island. In […]

Fuerteventura: a safe bet to face a cold winter with energy restrictions.

The consumption of fossil fuels has caused a significant global environmental impact. The emission of greenhouse gases (GHG) is one of the main reasons for climate change. For this reason, in recent decades a greater boost has been given to clean energy, or from renewable sources, characterized mainly by its lower GHG emissions and the […]

The festival of the Finados

The cult of the dead is present in all cultures. Since time immemorial we have paid tribute, in one way or another, to people who are no longer in this world.  The Canarian aborigines, for example, had great veneration for their dead. To preserve their loved ones from corruption and to make them, in a […]

3 Experiences to live Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is, without a doubt, a particular island. The tranquility that is breathed here, and landscapes almost bare of vegetation, attract different visitors, mainly people who love nature, sustainable tourism and responsible consumption.  If you are a fan of ecotourism, or simply want to enjoy a unique day, today we propose you to experience Fuerteventura […]

Gitu Mahtani


Our next artist is Gitu Mahtani, vitalist and versatile, who settled in Fuerteventura more than three decades ago. She came to the island when she got married, back in 1991.  Gitu, of Hindu origin, was born in Hong Kong. She tells us that she always liked to be an active part in the social events […]


Fuerteventura is a calm and at the same time cosmopolitan place. Artisans from all over the world choose to settle in this little paradise. Here, the chromatic vividness of the landscapes dominated by intense blues, turquoises, and a whole range of ochres inspire these artists to create unique and exclusive pieces.  “Crafts: Handmade gifts and […]

What to visit in Morro Jable?

The town of Morro Jable, in the south of Fuerteventura, has become one of the most important tourist landmarks on the island. The main reason is its extensive beaches of fine sand and transparent waters. The beautiful natural landscapes that surround this enclave also contribute to thousands of tourists choosing Morrojable as their vacation destination. […]

Historical representations in Fuerteventura – The Battle of Tamasite

Historical representations are highly valued activities by tourists and locals  These events are not intended to be a true reflection of our past, . In addition, the town that hosts an event of this nature usually chooses the episode in which it wins.  Historical representations are made rather as a way of bringing history closer, […]