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Frequently asked questions about booking payment

If this is the first time you have booked an accommodation at, you may have doubts. Here are the most frequent
Read these recommendations carefully and follow the instructions.

How do you know if the accommodation you like is available for specific dates?
  • To request availability of accommodation you will first have to sign up. ink de registro.
  • Once you are registered and with the session open, look for the accommodation you are interested in, select the date, number of guests and click on “Request confirmation”.
  • You will receive an email, as soon as possible, confirming or rejecting the availability of the accommodation.

email de reserva confirmada

How do I pay for the reservation?
If you have received the confirmation of availability, you can now make the payment. At the bottom you will see two buttons “Pagar Reserva” and  “Ver Reserva”. To confirm your booking you will have to click on “Pay Reservation”.
Fill in all the fields and don’t forget to solve the reCAPTCHA challenge.
Pagar reserva
Pagar reserva

You can choose to make the payment in 2 times, (a first payment of 25%), or you can choose to pay  for the total amount of the reservation.

Why, if I access my user account, I cannot find my reservation in the cart?
To view your reservation from your user account you will first have to confirm it with the first payment. Remember that to make the first payment you can only do it from the reservation confirmation email. Never from your user account.
When you make the first payment you will receive a new email with the order details.
If you have decided to make the payment in 2 times, once the first 25% payment has been paid, you will be able to enter your user account and make the next payment.
In this case, it is not necessary to access from email.

Hacer el segundo pago

Have you clicked on (pay reservation) and still an error message appears or the cart is empty?

Carro vacio

Mensaje de error carro vacío

It is common for this to happen when you access your account and try to make the payment from there, without having confirmed the reservation before.Remember that the reservation can only be confirmed by you from the “Pay reservation” button of the booking confirmation email you receive when you request for availability

Close your session at
Open your email account and click on “Pay reservation”
If the error continues, contact us to cancel the reservation and start a new one.

Do you have a discount coupon and can't find where to apply it?

Here are 2 screenshots so you know where you have to place the discount coupon code.


Aplicar cupón de descuento