Playa Blanca: sea, sun and history.

A mild climate throughout the year, extensive beaches, and dreamy natural coves. There is no place for monotony. Fuerteventura is a privileged island where you will always find your place to enjoy sunny days and the sea. 

The most touristic municipalities in Fuerteventura are La Oliva and Pájara. This is not incompatible with other municipalities treasuring spectacular enclaves. Without going any further, Puerto del Rosario has very popular beaches, both on the leeward side and on the windward side.

Among the most sought-after coves in the capital city, we cannot fail to mention Los Molinos beach or Jarugo beach. Both on the west coast. 

Today we get to know Playa Blanca, one of the beaches on the east coast of the island, in the municipality of Puerto del Rosario, and which is also a step away from the capital of Fuerteventura.

Playa Blanca

If you are also one of those who loves to walk along the shore, waiting for the foam of the sea to caress your bare feet, then Playa Blanca will make you fall in love. 

This semi-urban beach is located just 2 kilometers from the capital of Majorera, towards the airport. Its shore of fine, golden sand is 1 km long and approximately 30 meters wide. 

Playa Blanca is one of the best surf spots you can find near Puerto del Rosario. Its sandy bottom makes it perfect for beginners. In its crystal clear waters you will usually see surf schools teaching classes. Due to its bathymetric characteristics, here you will not be limited by the tides, as is the case in other areas of the island. Of course, the best conditions to get on a board and ride in Playa Blanca are with waves from the north, southeast, east and northeast.

The proximity of Playa Blanca to Puerto del Rosario has made this area an ideal place to carry out various mass activities. Of course, before the arrival of COVID-19 in our lives. 

Here there have been macro-shows in which sport and music were combined. Environmental awareness actions are also carried out by institutions, associations and environmental groups, the most notable of which have been the release of turtles and the cleaning of beaches.


History of Playa Blanca.

Playa Blanca is a suitable place to discover, a little more, the history of Fuerteventura. 

The proximity of the aboriginal settlement of Lomo Lesque, just 1 kilometer from Playa Blanca, makes some researchers such as the archaeologist María Antonia Perera Betancort, and the historian Gabriel Escribano Cobo think that this bay could be one of the first points, where the mahos  arrived, on their journey from Africa. 

After the Castilian colonization, Playa Blanca cove was used for hundreds of years as a jetty. It was called, from the 16th century until well into the 18th century, the port of Tegurame. This bay, being open and not having military protection, as were the ports of Caleta de Fuste, Tostón (El Cotillo) and Tarajalejo, was not very frequented. Even so, ships, both military and freight, docked.

Playa Blanca keeps more historical elements. In front of the sea you will see a bunker or machine gun nest, built during the Second World War. The Canary Islands was, at that time, a strategic enclave. The islands were in the sights of both the Germans and the Allies. In fact, in 1939 the British had plans to seize the Canary archipelago. So, in a preventive way, the defense of the  Majorera coast was ordered. The Playa Blanca bunker is one of more than fifty in Fuerteventura.

Three decades later, the National Tourism Parador of Fuerteventura was opened in Playa Blanca, an emblematic building in the capital of Fuerteventura After many changes, and a time closed, this hotel establishment reopened its doors in 2017. Here you can eat or just have a drink

Frequently asked questions about Playa Blanca:

How to get to Playa Blanca?

Playa Blanca can be reached both on foot, from Puerto del Rosario and by private vehicle and bus. 

– To access it on foot or by bike, you just have to follow the promenade that goes from the Congress Palace to the beach. 

In a private vehicle it is also very simple. Whether you go from Puerto del Rosario or from the airport you will find, on the FV-2 highway, two detours that will bring you closer to the coast.

 By bus. Lines 03, 10, 16 and L1 connect with Playa Blanca.

Can you camp in Playa Blanca?

Playa Blanca is one of the places where the Puerto del Rosario city council allows overnight stays in a motorhome. 

Can you do nudism in Playa Blanca?

Playa Blanca is a semi-urban beach and, although nudism is allowed, you will have to keep in mind that this is a beach frequented above all by families. 

Is the bathroom dangerous in Playa Blanca?

In this part of the coast of Fuerteventura, moderate waves predominate. It is not usually a dangerous area, however, take extreme precautions and do not move away from the shore. 

Is there a lifeguard service in Playa Blanca?

The surveillance and lifeguard service depends on the municipalities. Currently for much of the year you can find a lifeguard, between 10 in the morning and 6 in the afternoon. 

What other services are there in Playa Blanca?

– Wooden walkways. 

– Adapted showers with foot washers 

– Playground.

 – Amphibious chair for people with reduced mobility. 

– Bins and garbage containers. 

– Umbrellas. 

– Information panels



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