Discovering  Fuerteventura step by step

As a biosphere reserve (Unesco, 2009) Fuerteventura is also a geological treasure of wild coasts, deserts, dunes, ravines and volcanic landscapes ideal for hiking.

Fuerteventura has more than 255 kilometers of tracks enabled on 22 different routes. All of them form the Network of Natural Paths of Fuerteventura.

The 22 hiking routes are divided into 3 categories: The Great Route 131, (GR-131), Small Routes (PR-FV) and Local Paths (SL-FV).
The Great Route 131, is part of an international trail. In Fuerteventura it is divided into 9 stages and crosses the island from north to south. The stages are indicated by characteristic marks consisting of a white stripe on a red one. They are usually painted on tree trunks, stones or specific supports.