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Papas arrugadas : simplicity and delicacy

Much of the pleasure of traveling is found in gastronomy. Discovering the local cuisine and tasting some of its delicacies, both in notable restaurants and in simpler ones, allows us to learn more about the destination to which we are traveling. Gastronomy is on the rise. There is no city worth its salt that does […]

The gofio in Fuerteventura.

Canarian gastronomy is very diverse and has evolved differently on each island. All of them have unique delicacies, which make our cuisine authentic and cosmopolitan. There are some dishes that the eight islands share. Among them, we cannot fail to mention the  papas arrugadas or the gofio. We could say that these two elements, together […]

Criadas: the truffles of Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is an island where the fields easily turn green after just a few days of rain. During the spring days, when the earth still gives off that characteristic and penetrating smell of humidity, many majoreros go out to the field to look for the precious “criadas”. If you do not live in Fuerteventura, or […]

Majorero cheese, delicacy of delicacies.

We could not talk about the gastronomy of Fuerteventura, without first mentioning one of its star products: Majorero Cheese, made on the island, has its own entity and has conquered the most demanding palates. Majorero cheese, whether it is tender, fresh, cured, covered with paprika, gofio or made in multiple ways, is one of the […]

Christmas in Fuerteventura

Christmas is the holiday that we like the most to spend as a family and with loved ones. Its consumerist side is not a consequence of living in a globalized world. They always had those nuances Although Christmas is linked to the Christian religion, its origins are pagan and date back to very distant times. […]