3 Experiences to live Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is, without a doubt, a particular island. The tranquility that is breathed here, and landscapes almost bare of vegetation, attract different visitors, mainly people who love nature, sustainable tourism and responsible consumption. 

If you are a fan of ecotourism, or simply want to enjoy a unique day, today we propose you to experience Fuerteventura in a unique way. We propose  a visit to Tenicosquey, one of the most genuine enclaves on the island, and to get to know the various activities that Verdeaurora offers you. Well, more than activities, they are life-giving experiences.


Through guided walks and interactive workshops, they promote first-person environmental learning. In addition, they will help you to acquire a broader knowledge of what an ecological farm is, and also of permaculture. 

Verdeaurora works to spread the cultural, heritage and ecological values of Fuerteventura. It is essential to expand and develop environmental education.

What is Verdeaurora Bio Farm? 

Verdeaurora Bio Farm is a farm steeped in history. Its owners have been dedicated to sustainable agriculture for more than 6 decades. In their beginnings they cultivated cereals and tomatoes. Later, at the dawn of the 21st century, they ventured to plant olive trees, aloe vera and various fruit trees on these lands. 


In addition, they have a space dedicated to the conservation and observation of the birds that nest in Fuerteventura.

We must not forget that Fuerteventura is close to the migratory routes of birds, becoming for this reason, a privileged enclave for ornithological observation. The island has several ZEPA zones (Special Bird Protection Zone) in the Betancuria Rural Park, Vallebrón, Fimampaire, Fenimoy, Lajares, Esquinzo valleys and the Jarugo coast.

 Among the species that cross the Majoreros skies and you can see in Verdeaurora, are the cinnamon jars, stilts, spoonbills, herons, stonechats, harriers and even guirres.

Verdeaurora’s philosophy is closely related to permaculture, a concept that goes far beyond sustainable agriculture per se. It is a way of designing a vital and functional space inspired by nature, imitating and trying to respect natural rhythms. In short, it is taking care of the land and of a resource as scarce as water, so that it supplies us with food, various products and enough energy to satisfy the needs of the farm.


Where is Verdeaurora and what do we find in its surroundings? 

The Verdeaurora Ecological Farm is located in Tenicosquey, a small spread of houses nestled in the Malpaís Grande Natural Monument. This is one of the few inhabited areas in the area. 

The environment has a great scenic beauty, defined by solitary valleys, high knives, and stark badlands, ideal for disconnecting. 

Just a couple of kilometers northeast of Tenicosquey, is the archaeological site of Poblado de la Atalayita, a space that you should not miss. Also very close, you will find Pozo Negro, which is considered one of the oldest stable settlements in Fuerteventura.

To the north of Tenicosquey is the fascinating Valle de la Cueva, which extends through part of the volcanic flows from the Jacomar volcano. In these badlands, the ovens stand out. Some of them are so large that they have been used as housing and meeting points. 

In this place, steeped in history, is the aboriginal settlement of Malpaís de los Toneles, an archaeological site unknown to the general public, but one of the oldest on the island, dating from the 4th century AD.

What experiences does Verdeaurora offer? 

At Verdeaurora you have the opportunity to delve into the exciting world of organic farming. For this they have two interesting proposals: BIO FARM PREMIUM EXPERIENCE and BIO FARM EXPERIENCE. 

Through guided tours of the farm you will discover, first-hand, how aloe vera is grown and what are the processes necessary to manufacture, in an artisanal way, pure aloe vera cream. Also, you can do it yourself.


You will also learn more about the details of olive cultivation in Fuerteventura, as well as the production of the excellent Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil of first cold pressure, which they make in Verdeaurora. 

A small tasting of local products:  papas arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes), tomato, majorero cheese, jams made by them, and gofio will be the culmination of this experience. 

Depending on the type of activity you have chosen, your visit will last more or less. Bio Farm experience about 2 hours and the premium version about 4 hours, so you can not forget to wear your hat, comfortable shoes and, above all, the essential sun protection.

Now, if you have busy mornings enjoying sunbathing, or touring any of the numerous routes that Fuerteventura offers, you also have the opportunity to visit Verdeaurora Bio Farm at the end of the day. What’s more, if you decide on the STARLIGHT EXPERIENCE you will be able to enjoy not only the magical colors of the Majorero sunset, but you will also have the opportunity to see the night sky of this island.

Nocturna en Triquivijate
Nocturna en Triquivijate

Remember that Fuerteventura offers such clear and clean skies that allow stargazing at almost any point in its geography. Due to its purity, its low cloudiness and its low light pollution, Fuerteventura was designated, in 2015, a Starlight Reserve.

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