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Antoñito el Farero: The last lighthouse keeper of Lobos

The work of a lighthouse keeper was always a job suitable only for the brave. Living in the isolated places where the lighthouses were located in Fuerteventura was quite an adventure. Especially if we take into account that they did not have medical assistance nearby, and that the nearest town was several hours away.  But […]

Poet Domingo Velazquez Cabrera

Domingo Velázquez Cabrera was one of the best lyrical writers that Fuerteventura has produced during the 20th century. He is part of the so-called “Postwar Generation”, considering him one of the most significant poets of that generation. Today we approach his story. Domingo Velazquez Cabrera (1911 – 2003)  Domingo Velázquez was born on May 14, […]

In the footsteps of Unamuno in Fuerteventura

D. Miguel de Unamuno was one of the most distinguished Spanish playwrights of the 20th century. His deep moral and ethical convictions led him to write, on more than one occasion, speeches against King Alfonso XIII, the dictator Primo de Rivera, General Millán Astray, and many others that restricted freedom of expression.  His furious attacks […]

Doctor Mena

It will shortly be 220 years since the birth of Tomás Antonio de San Pedro de Alcántara Mena Mesa, better known as Doctor Mena.  Doctor Mena was a person who left a great mark on the Majorera population, especially among the most needy. For this reason, and for having been an exceptional philanthropist, we do […]

Josefina Plá: from the island of Lobos to the world

 If being born on the small islet of Lobos can be considered to be born in Fuerteventura, then Josefina Plá is a majorera.  This illustrious writer, she was not only the guarantor of Castilian letters in Latin America, but she also cultivated other disciplines. She was in the broadest sense: an artist.  Josefina Plá was […]

Historical figures of Fuerteventura: Guise and Ayose

Today, we start a new section on the FuerteventurActiva blog. In it we will talk about the lives of relevant people, who were born in Fuerteventura, and who, for various reasons, have left their mark on the collective memory of the Majoreros.  The first in this section will be Guise and Ayose. Who were Guise […]