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The importance of water in Fuerteventura

Barranco del Río Cabras

The title of this article: “The importance of water in Fuerteventura”, perhaps makes one think of the importance of water in the development of the island. However, these letters go much further. They pretend to be a voice of protest and a way to raise awareness of the scarcity of water on the island. In […]

Fuerteventura: a safe bet to face a cold winter with energy restrictions.

The consumption of fossil fuels has caused a significant global environmental impact. The emission of greenhouse gases (GHG) is one of the main reasons for climate change. For this reason, in recent decades a greater boost has been given to clean energy, or from renewable sources, characterized mainly by its lower GHG emissions and the […]

Fuerteventura Markets

Going to an open-air market is for many a rewarding experience during the holidays. In them you can find what you are looking for: a souvenir, a special gift or complete your shopping basket with kilometer zero products.  Fuerteventura has several weekly markets spread throughout its geography  Today we review the most significant markets on […]

The bonfires of San Juan in Fuerteventura

The night from June 23 to 24 is one of the most magical of the year. Wishes are made, people sing, they dance, but above all, bonfires are lit and their fire is projected into the darkness, giving it an almost ghostly appearance.  This festivity has thousands of years of history, an issue that is […]

Recreational rod fishing in Fuerteventura

The waters that surround Fuerteventura are home to a very varied fauna and excellent gastronomic quality. The richness of the fish and shellfish that we find on our coastline has been, since the arrival of the first settlers, one of the main sources of food for the inhabitants of the island.  The idiosyncrasy of Fuerteventura […]

Seafood in Fuerteventura

Summer is coming, the hours of daylight are getting longer and more and more you want to go to the coast to spend a special day.  When the tide goes out on the rockiest beaches of Fuerteventura, puddles and rocks are exposed. That is the ideal time to shellfish. This practice dates back to the […]

Why should you not make spirals or stone mounds in Fuerteventura?

If there is something that human beings like, it is to leave their mark on the places they visit. This has been happening for at least 500,000 years. Engravings, stone mounds, graffiti, and a great variety of ethno-cultural manifestations had their reason and meaning in the past.  However, the actions of people who are disrespectful […]

Ecotourism in Fuerteventura

Traditional tourism, increasingly overcrowded, is losing ground to tourism that aims to get away from the noise and reconnect with nature and with oneself  Fuerteventura is being considered as one of the best enclaves where you can not only disconnect from the frenetic pace of the big cities, but also offer you the opportunity to […]

Fuerteventura by bus

Fuerteventura is a very popular island. The more than 2 million tourists who arrive annually on the island corroborate this. If you are an active traveler and you like to get to know the unique landscapes of the island, the best option is to rent a car.  However, you may be wondering if it would […]

The Canary Latin Sailing (Vela latina)

If you search in the RAE (Royal Spanish Academy) the meaning of “Vela latina” will return the following result:  “Triangular sail, spanned in entena, which is usually used by small boats”.  However, those two words (Vela Latina) in the Canary Islands have a deeper meaning. They are synonymous with tradition, sport, camaraderie and rivalry. It […]