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There are beaches in Fuerteventura, whose main attraction is not its calm waters, or the possibility of taking long walks on the warm sand. There are coves on our beloved island that invite you to return because of its natural beauty , also because it is a historic enclave, and even because it is a magnificent place to gaze at the stars, away from the lights of the towns. One of these charming corners is La Playa del Jurado.

Where is Playa del Jurado?

 Playa del Jurado is located about 500 meters north of the Cuevas de Ajuy. It belongs to the municipality of Betancuria, and borders the municipality of Pájara. The beach forms a cove surrounded by cliffs, which in addition to giving it great beauty, protect it from the prevailing winds. This cove is barely two hundred meters long. Its soil is made up of pebbles. And the ravine of La Peña will lead to it.

Why is it called Playa del Jurado?

 This beach is one of the few coves in Fuerteventura that has several names, including Peña Horadada, del Jorao, Jurao, and even Las Ánimas. However, the name that has most penetrated the residents of Fuerteventura has been del Jurado. But we are going to delve a little into the origin of the place-name.

This Betancurian cove is characterized by an impressive natural stone arch, a window that opens from land to the bustling Atlantic. In other words, a “hole” in the rock or horado. The word horado deformed until it reached Jorao. Later, some surveyor thought it must be “Jurao”. And from there to “Jurado” it was just a little step

This type of errors in Majorera toponymy is quite frequent. Let us remember that the maps of Fuerteventura were drawn up by geographers, surveyors and soldiers from outside the island. Most of them from mainland, who wrote what they thought was correct, and who were unaware of the proper meaning of the Spanish that is spoken in the Canary Islands.

What to see in Playa del Jurado and its surroundings?

The first thing that catches your attention when arriving at Playa del Jurado is its arch. During low tide, the base of this sculptural complex becomes a natural pool. Taking a dip here is quite an experience. It even has a rock slide. whoopee!!

Playa del Jurado has become, for some time now, one of the favorite enclaves for traditional fishermen, caravans, and for people who like to contemplate and photograph the stars. This may be motivated by being a place where vehicle access to the beach is possible. Of course, we must not forget its spectacular orography.

But, in addition to enjoying a quiet and breathtaking natural setting, here you can also delve into its long history, which goes from pre-Hispanic times to the mid-twentieth century.

Although in this part of the Majorero coastline, during most of the year, the waves beat hard, in the 15th century, on calm sea days, Playa del Jurado was used as a pier. Gadifer de la Salle, one of the conquerors of Fuerteventura, toured the La Peña ravine many times, which connects Playa del Jurado with Betancuria. This was the shortest way between the two most important points on the island at that time: Betancuria and Puerto de la Peña.

If you walk about 200 meters into the La Peña ravine, you will find the remains of an old mansion. This house belonged to Agustín Afonso Ferrer, better known as “El Médico de los corderos” (doctor of the lambs). Agustín was one of the healers with the greatest projection of Fuerteventura, in the first half of the 20th century. He performed treatments for pneumonia, colds , sprains, and bone dislocations with herbal teas and ointments, which he always accompanied with old litanies.

But, the rich heritage near Playa del Jurado does not end there. On the slopes there are archaeological sites, such as the Llano del Sombrero, dating from times before the Franco-Norman conquest. For the Mahos, the Peña ravine was one of the limits that divided the territorial demarcations of Guise and Ayose. The mahos settled on both sides of the ravine.

Frequently asked questions about Playa del Jurado:

How to get to Playa del Jurado?

 Getting to Playa del Jurado is not complicated. It can be done by vehicle or on foot. If you go by car, you have to access it from a dirt track on the right, at km 2 of the FV-621 road, once you have passed the Madre del Agua palm grove. If you plan to arrive on foot, in addition to that track there are others that take you to Playa del Jurado. A route starts from the town of Ajuy, passes over the Caves of Ajuy and “the board of the Port”. The other path is longer, several hours walk, starting from Aguas Verdes, and bordering the coastline.

Is bathing at Playa del Jurado recommended?

The currents and the force of the waves on this coast are very strong. Playa del Jurado is not a place where it is advisable to bathe outside the “natural pool”. Less if you go with minors.


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