Route to Playa Larga

Today we approach a route that you can do both by bike and on foot, and which runs through the hypnotizing landscape of the jables of the Jandía isthmus, in the south of Fuerteventura. The route connects Casas de Pecenescal with one of the most spectacular beaches on the windward coast: Playa Larga. 

This enclave gives you the possibility of experiencing infinite sensations. The light plays with the sand creating new and fascinating landscapes. 

You only have to read the reviews left by visitors to realize that it is a place to be reckoned with.

For example, Juan Caballero writes about Playa Larga: 

“The sea is clean, fresh, transparent. It can be reached on foot from Cofete beach (…) you bathe alone, nudism is practiced.” 

Juan Ramón Gotarredona thinks that it is

“One of the best places in Fuerteventura to go on an excursion”. 

So, if you have been wanting to get to know this beach, do not stop reading, we will tell you how to get to it.

Starting the route. 

The route that we propose today is just over 6 kilometers long and runs through part of stage 7 of the GR-131. 

To do this route you have to go to the south of the island, and look for exit 74 of the FV-2. Here we leave you the link so you don’t get lost. But to guide you, it is located at the same point of Risco del Paso beach, although on the opposite side of the highway. 

Take exit 74 of the FV-2. At the end there is a small roundabout. From there, enter the dirt track, which starts to the right, towards the houses of Pecenescal.

As soon as you see a suitable place, park the vehicle well and start walking. Of course, first make sure you have taken enough water, a hat and something to eat. 

A good part of the route is along a wide sand track, without great slopes, called “Camino de los Presos”. Its name is due to the fact that it was conditioned, at the beginning of the 40s of the 20th century, with prison labor, specifically by the Disciplinary Battalion of Convicted Working Soldiers 91.

Among the things that most characterize this track are its “pedraplenes”, areas covered with flat and flattened stones, in the middle of the white sands of Jandía. They are somewhat reminiscent of the cobblestones of Roman roads. The “pedraplenes” were placed in strategic places to prevent the vehicles from being buried in the sand. Although it is hard to imagine, this track was, for decades, the only “road” that connected Matas Blancas with Morro Jable.

The “Camino de los Presos” was reconditioned on several occasions, the most important taking place in 1959. In October of that year hundreds of scientists, from all over the world, came to Punta de Jandía to observe a total solar eclipse .

Back on the road… 

For about 5 kilometers you will have to walk along the “Camino de los Presos”, until you find a fork. One path goes to the right, towards Playa de la Pared, while the other path goes to the left is the one you should take.

 In this part of the route you will not find a well-marked trail. You will have to be guided by the tread marks of the vehicles. 

After about 15 minutes of climbing you will have reached Punta de Playa Larga. 

The landscape that opens before your eyes is spectacular. From here you can see the entire Arco de Cofete. Continue to the left. The path will direct your steps towards the coast of Playa Larga.

The beach forms an open cove surrounded by impressive cliffs that, in addition to giving it great beauty, protect it from the prevailing winds. Here you have just over a kilometer long and 35 meters wide, of fine sand, to accommodate yourself and walk freely.

 If you want to take a bath in the waters of Playa Larga you have to take extreme precautions. It should not be forgotten that the western coast of the island is hit by strong waves that are almost constant throughout the year. 

The spectacular formations of jables and the consolidated dunes make this place one of the enclaves that you should not miss on your visit to Fuerteventura. The sandy soils of Playa Larga are of marine origin, they were formed millions of years ago, in the Quaternary. They are fully cemented and consolidated, giving the area a very peculiar appearance.

Frequently asked questions about Playa Larga: 

How to get to Playa Larga? 

The fastest and most direct way if you want to visit Playa Larga is to access from the dirt track that starts from the Barranco de Pecenescal. Now, if you are not in a hurry, you can also get there from Cofete, along the coast and at low tide. 

Is it possible to access by vehicle until near the beach? 

Yes, the dirt track is only suitable for 4 X 4 vehicles. Can the route to Playa Larga be done with children? Walking the Prisoners path does not have any technical difficulties. Both the ascent and the descent are, for most of the way, moderately smooth. However, from the Punta de Playa Larga to the same coast, it is only recommended to do it if you have some experience.

How many kilometers does the route have in total? 

The complete route to and from Playa Larga is just over 12 kilometers long. From the Casas de Pecenescal it takes just over 1.5 hours to get to the beach. 

Where can I find the route? 

In Wikiloc you have access to detailed routes. Are there shady places to rest? The only spaces where you can shelter from the torrid sun are in the shadows of the highest walls and on the beach. The ideal is to start walking very early, thus avoiding the central hours of the day, when it is hotter. It is important to bring enough water, sunscreen and a hat.

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