The Grandes Playas of Corralejo

The island of Fuerteventura is one of the best holiday destination to forget, for a few weeks, about the big cities. An issue that is endorsed by 5 million tourists visiting us every year, many of which, choose us as Holiday destination.

The prestigious beaches of Corralejo is among the preferences of those who visit Fuerteventura. 

In Corralejo the charm of the desert coexists with kilometers of beaches. These characteristics attract those who practice Surf, Kite Surf, and other water sports, but also those who seek direct contact with nature, tranquility and the landscape. Lobos Island, the Dunes of Corralejo, and of course, its beaches are the most visited places.

Corralejo has more than 20 official beaches, which together with its countless coves, make this town a charming enclave.

The Grandes Playas of Corralejo


Grandes playas of Corralejo are located in the municipality of La Oliva. They range from the Tres Islas Hotel to the beach of the  Barreta de abajo, going through  playas de los Matos, playa Larga, playa el Viejo, playa el Pozo y playa el Caserón.  Several of these beaches are nudists, and in some of them we can see “corralitos”, so characteristic of the Fuerteventura coastline, made of rocks as a circular Wall to shelter from the wind .

The Grandes Playas of Corralejo are located in the municipality of La Oliva. They range from the Tres Islas hotel to the Barreta beach below, that is, everything that is known as Los Matos beaches, Larga beach, El Viejo beach, El Pozo beach and El Caserón beach. Several of these beaches are nudist, and in some we can see small “corralitos”, made with rocks as a circular wall, which serve to shelter from the prevailing winds. These corralitos are preserved  by the visitors themselves, adding more rows of stones, removing sand or collecting the garbage that other unscrupulous leave.

The Grandes playas of Corralejo, have a length of almost 3.5 kilometers and an average width of 60 meters.

Its thick white sand, which is mostly of animal origin, melts under the incredible Atlantic seas.
Its clean, transparent waters and intense turquoise colors treasure a wide marine biodiversity, which is worth knowing. Of course, always by the hand of diving professionals who will offer you the best dives.
A large part of the Gandes Playas is located within the Natural Park of the Dunes of Corralejo, an exceptional natural site worth conserving, declared a biosphere reserve by Unesco in May 2009.


The Grandes Playas are also called “Hotel Beaches”, because they are at the foot of the Riu Hotels, built during the tourist boom.
One of the most significant characteristics of this part of the coast is its easy and comfortable access by vehicle. You might think that you are going to get to crowded beaches. But nothing could be further from reality. In fact, even when the shoulder of the road is packed out of cars, when approaching the beach, it is most of the times almost empty. Well, except for the areas closest to the hotels, of course.

The beauty of the northern landscape, together with the gentle and moderate waves, predominant in this area, make the Grandes Playas of Corralejo one of the favorite places to spend the day with family and children. But, above all, it is ideal for romantic walks and long walks both at sunrise and sunset.

Here we can see numerous shorebirds running around the sand at low tide looking for food.
Visiting the Grandes Playas  Corralejo is, at any time of the year, a real joy. But, if you really want to see this part of the Majorero coastline in all its splendor, then you have to come in November, when the International Kite Festival is held. This festival has been held since 1987, and brings together thousands of people who come to enjoy the show.

To the natural beauty of Las Grandes Playas we must add its long history, which ranges from the time of the aborigines (mahos), to the present day.

If you follow the Fuerteventuractiva blog you will discover fascinating little-known aspects of these beaches, such us, where the aborigines came, the arrival of the first European on the coast of Corralejo, and even, we will teach you the archaeological wealth of the place.

The Grandes Playas of Corralejo are, in short, the perfect place for those looking to enjoy the sea, the sand, the sun, history and birdwatching.

… And then they say that paradise does not exist.


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