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Fuerteventura by bus

Estación de guaguas

Fuerteventura is a very popular island. The more than 2 million tourists who arrive annually on the island corroborate this. If you are an active traveler and you like to get to know the unique landscapes of the island, the best option is to rent a car.  However, you may be wondering if it would […]

Route Tenicosquey – Valle de la Cueva

Valle de la Cueva

The Valley de la Cave is an arid place of great beauty. It is located in the center-east of Fuerteventura and belongs to the Natural Monument of the Cuchillos de Vigán.  Going through the Valle de la Cueva ravine from Tenicosquey is a beautiful experience of great interest for those who seek to know the […]

In the footsteps of Unamuno in Fuerteventura

Unamuno en Fuerteventura

D. Miguel de Unamuno was one of the most distinguished Spanish playwrights of the 20th century. His deep moral and ethical convictions led him to write, on more than one occasion, speeches against King Alfonso XIII, the dictator Primo de Rivera, General Millán Astray, and many others that restricted freedom of expression.  His furious attacks […]

Visit Roque del Moro

Roque del Moro

Fuerteventura has become a highly demanded tourist destination. However, there are still areas of wild beauty that characterize the island so much. One of these enclaves is Roque del Moro, located on the windward coast.  Roque del Moro  The Roque del Moro is an impressive monolith that rises vertically up to 50 meters high. It […]

Route: Los Molinos beach – Jarugo beach

Los Molinos

Now that the good weather is here and the daylight hours are lengthening, it is a good time to discover the island by taking short walks  Today we want to highlight a route of just 4 kilometers, which treasures important ethnographic, cultural and historical particularities of the north of Fuerteventura. The trail connects the town […]

From Villaverde to Parque Holandés by bike

Deposito de agua

Fuerteventura offers a wide range of possibilities for leisure activities in nature. Cycle tourism is one of them and the one that brings more followers to the island.  If you like quiet cycling routes, without many slopes and with wide dirt tracks, then the route that we propose today will surely interest you.  The route, […]

The Achipencos and the Arretrancos of Fuerteventura

carrera de arretrancos

Carnivals are the most colorful festivals with the greatest collective joy of the year. They are celebrated in all the municipalities of Fuerteventura.  Those of Corralejo, Morrojable and Puerto del Rosario are the ones that attract the most public.  Today we focus on the Achipencos regatta and the Arretrancos race. Two unique events, hallmark of […]

Malpaís Grande Protected Area

Malpais Grande

Thousands of people travel to Fuerteventura every year to discover the unique Majorero landscapes. Our island is a geological wonder. Not in vain is it considered by the International Geological Union as one of the places of greatest geological interest in the world.  Fuerteventura has 13 protected natural spaces. A large part of them are […]

La Matilla Trail

Vistas a Vallebrón

 Vallebrón The hiking route that we propose today is one of the so-called historical paths. It was traveled for centuries. The path, barely 6 kilometers long, was, in the past, the fastest and most direct way to go from La Matilla to Vallebrón. The other means of communication involved a journey of several hours.  Start […]

The Canary Latin Sailing (Vela latina)

Vela Latina

If you search in the RAE (Royal Spanish Academy) the meaning of “Vela latina” will return the following result:  “Triangular sail, spanned in entena, which is usually used by small boats”.  However, those two words (Vela Latina) in the Canary Islands have a deeper meaning. They are synonymous with tradition, sport, camaraderie and rivalry. It […]

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