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The history of Fuerteventura wines

Fuerteventura has a unique beauty. The aridity of its mountains, valleys and ravines combine to create surprising landscapes. In addition to its geographical characteristics, Fuerteventura is known for having one of the best wines in the Canary Islands: Conatvs, an excellent wine that has won important national and international awards. In this article, we will […]

Tapas in Fuerteventura


Fuerteventura is one of the most beautiful islands of the Canary archipelago. In addition to its impressive beaches and landscapes, the island is also known for its varied gastronomic offer, including a wide selection of tapas.  Spanish tapas are a unique and popular food tradition in Spain. These small portions of food are served in […]

El Guirre: master and lord of the Majorero skies

Fuerteventura is a place of great ornithological value. It is home to the largest number of bird species in the Canary archipelago. It has more than 300 species of birds cited so far. Among them we highlight some of great interest, such as the Canarian stonechat, the Canarian houbara, the Saharan runner and the Ortega […]

The orchilla

On several occasions we have talked about products made on the island that have been fundamental in the development of its economy. Among them we could remember the barilla, the cosco, the lime, the cereal, the aloe vera, the tomato, and, of course, the rich goat cheese.  Today we bring you, to this Fuerteventura blog, […]

The barrillera and the cosco

Today we are so used to buying everything we want that many times we do not pay attention to its production process and even less to the raw materials that are needed for its manufacture. For example, buying a bar of soap seems like a trifle to us, and making it at home is an […]

Plants for medicinal use in Fuerteventura

The isolation and lack of doctors in Fuerteventura once favored the use of practices that we could frame within quackery and popular wisdom. Healers and santiguadores (both men and women) were in charge of alleviating the symptoms of certain diseases.  In a rough way, we would say that the sanctiguadores would be comparable with the […]

The majorero tomato

On hot days we prefer light meals, fruits and salads, all of which provide water, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and, of course, help lower body heat.  Nothing like having a refreshing and nutritious gazpacho, on a hot day in July. Well yes, taste some delicious Tiscamanita tomatoes (tomatoes that taste like tomatoes) accompanied with […]

Tabaibas and cardones

 The Tabaibas and the cardones, together with the gorse, are the most representative plants of the Fuerteventura landscape. Both (tabaibas and cardones) belong to the genus of the Euphorbiaceae, and have been used in a similar way, for generations.  In Le Canarien, the chronicles of the conquest of Fuerteventura (XV century), a description is made […]

Gorse (La Aulaga)

If we were to sketch the landscape of Fuerteventura, it would surely include goats and gorse. These two elements have been very present in the life of the Majoreros since time immemorial. Today we dedicate this article to gorse, one of the most abundant plants on the island, if not the most abundant, and which […]

Aloe vera in Fuerteventura

In Fuerteventura Since a few years ago it became fashionable to publish, on social networks, images in which their protagonists are surrounded by the violet color of lavenders, or the intense reds of poppy fields, instagramers have not stopped looking for similar environments to impress your followers.  If you are one of those who like […]