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Birdwatching tourism in Fuerteventura

The tourism that has been developing in Fuerteventura since the 1960s is mainly focused on a single product, “sun and beach”, around which other activities are developed in parallel. Active tourism and nature tourism have been on the rise for a few decades now. There are many people who travel to the Maxorata in search […]

Christmas in Fuerteventura

Christmas is the holiday that we like the most to spend as a family and with loved ones. Its consumerist side is not a consequence of living in a globalized world. They always had those nuances Although Christmas is linked to the Christian religion, its origins are pagan and date back to very distant times. […]

Shooting in Fuerteventura

The unique landscapes of Canary Islands have always captivated and attracted thousands of artists from all over the world. First they were engravers and painters, then photographers, and for more than 125 years it has been film directors who have immortalized our islands. Film pioneers  The Canary Islands have a very close relationship with the […]

Squirrels and hedgehogs in Fuerteventura

The arid landscape of Fuerteventura, together with the non-existence of wooded areas invites us to think that, on this island, there is hardly biodiversity. However, do not forget that, Fuerteventura has been a Biosphere Reserve since 2009. It has more than 1700 species of animals and 800 plants, many of they are endemic and in […]

Where to camp or stay overnight in Fuerteventura?

Fuerteventura is an exceptional island, ideal to explore by vehicle. This reality is evident on vacation. For weeks its roads become swarms of motorhomes and campers ready to receive the best gift that Fuerteventura offers: Enjoy the sun, the beach and nature in total freedom. Waking up to the sound of the Atlantic beating against […]

Virgen de la Peña – Patroness of Fuerteventura

When September arrives there are two events that the Majoreros always have in mind: going back to school, and the Peña festivities. Although this year, 2020, due to the COVID health alert, the popular pilgrimage of La Peña will not take place, FuerteventurActiva does not want to miss this celebration, one of the most important […]

The mills of Fuerteventura

If you are visiting Fuerteventura for the first time, or you are looking for information about the island, and you have landed on this page, you will surely have been surprised to see the number of mills that stand all over the majorera geography. We are still amazed to admire these giants, mute witnesses of […]

Water in Fuerteventura

This morning, I found myself in for a very unpleasant surprise. When I was about to take a shower, there was no water! I thought, it’s all right, as it comes back,  I’m going to make my early morning coffee. My surprise was even greater, when I opened the kitchen tap and  not a single […]

The Salt of Fuerteventura.

Fuerteventura has about 340 kilometres of coastline. This large extension not only allows you to enjoy incredible beaches, to sunbathe or practice water sports, but it also plays a fundamental role in the life of its inhabitants.  This coast is a great source of natural resources, which has been exploited since the first settlers until […]