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Sport events in Fuerteventura

  Sport events have recently become an excellent claim for tourist destinations, such as Fuerteventura, to be discovered by a wider and more diverse public.  Fuerteventura, in addition to having some wonderful beaches, is also known for being one of the best places in Europe for practicing water sports, and for having an ideal landscape […]

Nicknames or popular names of the towns of Fuerteventura

The nicknames of people born in a certain locality, have served since ancient times to make jokes and little songs. Many of them are sung at village festivals and have an ironic, burlesque or sarcastic character, displacing, in many cases, the official name. Nicknames often have a metaphorical meaning. Their origins have become so rapidly […]

Where to observe and photograph stars in Fuerteventura?

Clear skies and spectacular scenery are all you need for an experience that combines science and fun.  Fuerteventura offers such clear and clean skies that they allow stargazing, almost anywhere on the island. Due to its purity, low cloudiness and light pollution, Fuerteventura was designated, in 2015, Starlight Reserve. The foundation that grants this certification […]

Books set in Fuerteventura

The singer Carlos Cano said in one of his songs: April to live, April to sing … This month is also the month of literature since April 23 was established as “World Book Day”.  There is a belief that Miguel de Cervantes and Willian Shakespeare died on April 23, 1616. However, neither of us left […]

Fuerteventura: a mix of cultures

Fuerteventura is one of the most visited Canary Islands. The open character of its people, and its privileged coasts, surely have a lot to do with the fact that millions of tourists decide to spend their vacations here or, as it has been happening lately, teleworking. The color palette that defines the Majorero landscapes is […]

Palm handicrafts in Fuerteventura

Visiting the majorero markets is a unique experience. Tourists mingle with residents in search of something authentic. Fortunately, there are still artisans who keep techniques alive, which in other parts of the world are practically on the verge of extinction. Goldsmithing, hand-painted fabrics, embroidery, basketry, wood carving, cheese making, … are some of the traditional […]

Fuerteventura: the perfect destination for digital nomads.

Since, in March 2020, most European countries had to restrict the movement of their citizens, and even confine the population, we have realized that working remotely has positive aspects, and that it is possible to work at hundreds, or thousands of miles from the office. Now it is not difficult to imagine that we are […]

Why the name of Fuerteventura?

If we add to the knowledge of a specific enclave, the origin of its toponymy, then we will be able to better understand its peculiarities.  Those who follow our blog will know that, at FuerteventurActiva, we have spoken on several occasions about the Majorera toponymy. Today we want to dig into the origin of the […]