While the north and west of Fuerteventura are perfect places to surfers, kitesurfers, and those who love hidden coves, the south of the island is the ideal destination for windsurfers and, above all, for those who seek extensive golden sand beaches where sunbathe.

Sotavento beach, or rather, “the Sotavento beaches” are the most visited enclaves in the municipality of Pájara. Maybe this is due to the characteristic turquoise color of the sea, to the large extensions of its sandy areas, or to be an ideal place to practice of water sports. The truth is that the Sotavento beaches are idyllic areas that is well worth a visit

what is known as “Playa de Sotavento” is the coastline includedbetween the Barranco de los Canarios and Playa de la Barca. This part of the Costa Majorera has about 6 uninterrupted kilometers of fine white sand, and is divided into 2 beaches: La Barca beach, at north, and Playa Risco del Paso, to the south.

Unlike the sands of the Grandes Playas de Corralejo, the contribution of sand from Sotavento beach, is due to the fact that this material is dragged from the dune system located behind the beach.

La Barca Beach

Playa de la Barca - Foto: Meliá Hoteles
Playa de la Barca – Foto: Meliá Hoteles

La Barca beach is made up of very fine white sand. It is situated at the foot of several hotels and the René Egli Fuerteventura Windsurf Center, one of the most prestigious windsurfing schools on the island.
It is not a coincidence that one of the windsurfing clubs with the largest infrastructure in the world is located in this area. La Barca Beach has excellent conditions, both for those who want to start in the world of windsurfing, and for professionals who want to perfect their style.

The main feature of Playa de la Barca is its natural lagoon semi-open, barely 40 centimeters deep and almost 4 kilometers in length. The shallow waters of this lagoon are ideal for begginers.

The trade winds are strong and constant throughout most of the year. This is one of the main reasons why several World Windsurfing & Kiteboarding events have been held for more than 35 years. It is one of the most important events in this sport, which never lacks the most prestigious raiders such as Gisela Pulido, Sarah-Quita Offringa or Jose ‘Gollito’.


During the Windsurfing & Kiteboarding World Cup, not only you can enjoy the sport.  Starting in the afternoon thousands of people gather around the tent. This space is turns into the “disco of the Canary Islands”, a place where the performances by musicians, singers and DJs, national and top-level internationals, animate the evening until the wee hours am.

The sand at Playa de la Barca stretches between 100 and 300 meters from shore. So in addition to practicing water sports,it is an exceptional area to take long walks and spectacular photos.

Risco del Paso Beach

Playa Risco del Paso
Playa Risco del Paso

If Playa de la Barca is the place where the parties take place,the opposite occurs at Risco del Paso Beach. This beach is ideal to relax, spend a quiet day with family and friends, away from the crowds. Risco del Paso is an extensive beach of golden sand, and crystalline waters.

It has a space of shallow waters, perfect for those who want to learn the techniques of beachstart, and the waterstarts. That is, learn to ride a board and start to navigate.

One of the most remarkable characteristics of Risco del Paso is its sandbar, several meters wide and where the waves break. This enclave is one of the favorite areas for the most advanced athletes.

Playa Risco del Paso

Since 1986, the “Freestyle Grand Slam Windsurfing Championship” has taken place on the Risco del Paso Beach. Since the first edition of the Windsurfing World Cup, Sotavento Beach has become world famous, as many world speed records have been broken here. Along the Sotavento beach we can see giant dunes, which run parallel to the coast, and which can be more than 300 metres long and 15 metres high, called “rayones” in Fuerteventura.

Dunas - Playa Risco del paso


Frequently asked questions about Sotavento Beach.

 How to get to Sotavento Beach? 

There are several accesses through the FV-2 road that take you to Sotavento beach itself. The most used accesses are in the Risco del Paso, in the Mirador del Salmo, and the Melia Gorriones hotel.

Does Sotavento beach have a surveillance and lifeguard service ?

Yes, this beach has a lifeguard service for a long part of the year. It also has basic services such as access for people with reduced mobility, toilets, and parking lots.

Is it safe to go with children?

Sotavento beach is due to its characteristics one of the better beaches to go with children. However watch out that stay away from the shore. Sea currents can play tricks on you

Is it possible to practice nudism on Sotavento beach? 

Yes. Sotavento beach is considered the most beautiful beach on the island where you can practice nudism.

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