Surfing in Fuerteventura. The best spots on the island.

It is no coincidence that Fuerteventura is one of the most important places for practicing water activities. In addition to exceptional conditions, such as good weather, mild temperatures and an almost constant wind throughout the year, here you can enjoy paradisiacal beaches and imposing cliffs. They all form ideal scenarios to develop the sports offer of the island.

Among the water sports, those related to surfing stand out. The idea of riding waves without stopping, has seduced countless surfers from all over the world, who have been coming to Fuerteventura since the 80s of the last century. The large number of surfable waves “swell type”, which are located along along the coast, together with the bathymetric dispositions, make this island an ideal place for surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing and bodyboarding.


What is the best time to surf in Fuerteventura? 

Visiting Fuerteventura is an exceptional experience in any time of the year. If you are looking to surf the best waves in the island, you will find them between September and March. 

During those months the wind from the east and south blows regularly. But, if What suits you is kitesurfing and windsurfing, the best months for practicing these sports go from May to August, when the trade winds they blow with more intensity.

Where to surf in Fuerteventura?

 Fuerteventura is considered one of the tourist destinations and most notable sports for surfing. Riders concentrate on specific locations, where the wind conditions, and the ocean current from the North Atlantic are the ideal ones. Fuerteventura has 48 spots, the majority located in the municipality of La Oliva.

Fuerteventura spots protected by law. 


The need to provide tourists and locals with infrastructure acceptable, have led to a significant number of actions on the coast, altering the environment of breakers, and therefore, the surfable spots of Fuerteventura. Since the surf resource is a very important asset on the island, both culturally and socially and economically, the institutions agreed, in 2019, to declare 24 spots on the island as heritage natural and sporting interest, thus protecting the surfable areas 

Although some spots in Fuerteventura have curious names like Bubbles, Acid Drop, Shark Bay, Drop Beach, most refer to their enclave, being easily identifiable by riders, sports photographers and the curious. Today we leave you 2 of the best known spots in Fuerteventura. But stay tuned to our blog. We will continue to tell you other excellent places to surf in the Maxorata.

The 2 best spots in Fuerteventura

El Hierro – Bubbles. 


The El Hierro spot is one of the best known on the island. Located near the Majanicho Beach. Known for the quality of its break and the regularity of its wave. El Hierro spot has a fast wave, tube and medium travel. The wave has two distinct peaks that break on a very deep volcanic bottom, ideal for make strong maneuvers.

It is advisable only for high-level surfers, capable of performing good tubes. Attached to El Hierro there are 2 other similar spots: Alemanes and  left of the Caleta del Hierro, better known as the Right of the Alemanes. These waves are fast, mid-tier classics, with a tube section above. It is also not a beginner area.


They are ideal for surfing from September to May, at high tide, and with winds from the east, south, southeast, and southwest, and with a swell from the north, northeast, northwest and west. It is easy to get to the El Hierro spot. The fastest way and affordable is by taking a winding dirt track that links the Cozy fishing village of Majanicho with the El Tostón Lighthouse.

Lobos Right Spot 

Among the most visited spots in Fuerteventura it is Lobos Right spot

At the foot of the Caldera volcano, on the islet of Lobos, one of the longest waves in the Canary Islands is created, it has a length between 300 and 500 meters and can reach 4 meters in height. It is suitable for all levels. The wave is consistent, with zones for radical maneuvers and other faster ones. Ideal for surf it from October to March, with winds from the south, southeast, southwest, and east. Works well with west, northwest swell, and north.

To access this spot you have two ways. One is taking the boat that connects the docks of Corralejo and Lobos. And from the dock of Lobos island, walk to the base of the Volcano de la Caldera. The other way is from the sea, hiring one private boat that brings you closer to the area. We recommend wearing  surfing booties.


Where to learn surfing in Fuerteventura? 

There are many surfers, especially advanced level surfers who come to the island to practice their favorite sport, on their own. But, the island also welcomes those who want to start in the exciting world of surfing. For them there is a wide offer, both from schools surfing as well as surfcamps, in which authentic professionals will teach everything necessary. Here we leave you the official directory of surf schools.


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