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What to visit in Villaverde?


Villaverde, halfway between the historic town of La Oliva and the cosmopolitan Corralejo, has become the perfect place for those seeking the tranquility of a rural setting. This town in the interior of the municipality of La Oliva is close enough to the nightlife but far enough away so that your moments of relaxation are […]

What to visit in Corralejo?


What to visit in Corralejo?  Fuerteventura has all the necessary elements to make the visitor fall in love: extensive sandbanks, endless beaches and a crystal clear sea that are responsible for having earned the popularity of being an exceptional enclave, ideal for those seeking tranquility. A privileged climate does the rest.  The north of Fuerteventura […]

Malpaís Grande Protected Area

Malpais Grande

Thousands of people travel to Fuerteventura every year to discover the unique Majorero landscapes. Our island is a geological wonder. Not in vain is it considered by the International Geological Union as one of the places of greatest geological interest in the world.  Fuerteventura has 13 protected natural spaces. A large part of them are […]

Fuerteventura fortifications


Fuerteventura has certain natural characteristics that have allowed for centuries, both invasions by sea and attacks by corsairs and pirates.  Among these singularities we could name:  It’s a very long island. From end to end it measures almost 100 km. It is the longest island in the entire Canary archipelago, which complicates the defense of […]

What to visit in La Oliva?

La Oliva

The town of La Oliva, north of Fuerteventura, is the head of its municipality  As this part of the island is flat, fertile and has good pastures, it has favored human settlement since pre-Hispanic times.  In the 16th century it began to be populated by new settlers. Here a fundamentally agrarian society was established, dedicated […]

The lime kilns of Fuerteventura

Hornos de cal de El Charco 001

The lime kilns are one of the heritage elements with the greatest ethnographic value on the island. We find examples throughout the territory  These lime kilns are testimony to a flourishing past. The production of lime, the best in the Canary Islands, was one of the most important economic engines on the island for a […]

What to visit in Betancuria?


Betancuria is the oldest town in Fuerteventura, and is the first city in the Canary Islands with a stable settlement. Visiting it is entering a historical past that transports us to almost 100 years before the discovery of America.  Today we show you the enclaves that you cannot miss on a visit to this town. […]

Discover Fuerteventura through its lighthouses

Tostón lighthouse

The more we walk through Fuerteventura, the more in love we are with this island. Each place, each corner, is a new opportunity to discover something different. Today we propose you to explore Fuerteventura, from end to end, visiting its lighthouses, an experience that you cannot miss.  The lighthouses of Fuerteventura Lonely, evocative, romantic … […]

What to visit in El Cotillo?


The maritime atmosphere that is breathed in the streets of El Cotillo, has managed to seduce, for decades, the thousands of tourists who visit Fuerteventura.  Seafaring soul, a rich gastronomy and its lively atmosphere have made this town in the municipality of La Oliva one of the most outstanding holiday destinations on the island.  If […]

Poblado de la Atalayita

Poblado de la Atalayita

The Poblado de la Atalayita is one of those places that you cannot miss on a visit to Fuerteventura. In addition, from the beginning of 2021, we will see it somewhat more tidy than what it had been showing until then.  What is the Atalayita Town? The Poblado de la Atalayita is one of the […]

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