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Where to observe and photograph stars in Fuerteventura?

Clear skies and spectacular scenery are all you need for an experience that combines science and fun.  Fuerteventura offers such clear and clean skies that they allow stargazing, almost anywhere on the island. Due to its purity, low cloudiness and light pollution, Fuerteventura was designated, in 2015, Starlight Reserve. The foundation that grants this certification […]

Poblado de la Atalayita

The Poblado de la Atalayita is one of those places that you cannot miss on a visit to Fuerteventura. In addition, from the beginning of 2021, we will see it somewhat more tidy than what it had been showing until then.  What is the Atalayita Town? The Poblado de la Atalayita is one of the […]

Path to the Sanctuary of the Virgen del Tanquito

FuerteventurActiva is always committed to bringing you knowledge of our environment. Today we bring you an excursion to do as a family, full of history, legends and charm. Come with us us to a magical place, to the vicinity of the grave of the Giant Mahan. The path that we propose has a route of […]

Jurado beach

There are beaches in Fuerteventura, whose main attraction is not its calm waters, or the possibility of taking long walks on the warm sand. There are coves on our beloved island that invite you to return because of its natural beauty , also because it is a historic enclave, and even because it is a […]

Tababaire Fountain: A walk with a lot of history

Fuerteventura offers a wide variety of experiences for you to enjoy your stay on this paradisiac island. Here, in addition to visiting endless beaches of clear sand, you can discover its rich ethnographic heritage, sometimes little valued by the institutions. Today we suggest a visit to the Tababaire Fountain, an ancient spring of water. The […]

Ascent to Calderón Hondo

Going to Lajares and walking along one of the trails that border this town is something that we should do more often. If you put aside your sneakers, because you got tired of visiting the same places, today we suggest you take one of the most beautiful excursions you can do near Corralejo. Put on […]

El Cotillo Lighthouse and its beaches

Fuerteventura has unique enclaves where the purest and most unspoilt beauty intertwines with the coastal towns. We have a good example of this in Punta de la Ballena, near the fishing village of El Cotillo, north of Fuerteventura. The El Cotillo Lighthouse was built here more than 120 years ago. For a long time this […]


From almost anywhere in the municipality of La Oliva you can see the islet of Lobos, about 2 kilometers from Fuerteventura. Wandering the almost 4.5 square kilometers of this paradise overflows the imagination. Fantasizing about following the same dusty trail that the Romans left behind, or gazing at the same landscapes that the Normans saw, […]


There are so many reasons to visit Las Peñitas that we will begin by paraphrasing the Coca-Cola advertisement from 2007. Las Peñitas is: For athletes. For those who like history, geology, cinema, archeology. For naturalists. For the devotees. For those who seek adventure, and discover charming corners. For those who enjoy the sunset, walking in […]


While the north and west of Fuerteventura are perfect places to surfers, kitesurfers, and those who love hidden coves, the south of the island is the ideal destination for windsurfers and, above all, for those who seek extensive golden sand beaches where sunbathe. Sotavento beach, or rather, “the Sotavento beaches” are the most visited enclaves […]