Where to observe and photograph stars in Fuerteventura?

Clear skies and spectacular scenery are all you need for an experience that combines science and fun. 

Fuerteventura offers such clear and clean skies that they allow stargazing, almost anywhere on the island. Due to its purity, low cloudiness and light pollution, Fuerteventura was designated, in 2015, Starlight Reserve.

The foundation that grants this certification is endorsed by Unesco, and its main objective is the preservation and restoration of the visual space that allows the observation of the stars. This designation constitutes a great tourist impulse since, in addition to its scientific significance, leisure and outreach activities are organized around it. 

Diverse groups specialized in astronomy, program activities, in which enjoying the contemplation of the night sky is the leitmotive. Observation of meteor showers, walks in the moonlight, night talks, romantic dinners under the stars, are some of the activities we can do in Fuerteventura.

Summer is, without a doubt, the favorite season to go out at night, in the open country. In addition to the temperatures and the school holidays, during the summer, the sky of Fuerteventura remains clear 90% of the nights. This, together with the little urbanization of the island, guarantees a night sky with little atmospheric and light pollution. 

The sky of Fuerteventura, due to its geographical location and its meteorological characteristics, is one of the best places to observe the stars on the beach. Astrotourism can also be done in the inland areas of the island.

What equipment is recommended to bring for night outings?

 The first thing to pack is common sense. If you do not know the area, do not go into paths, ravines or inaccessible places. To make it easier for you, we will leave you, a little further down, a list of places where it can be accessed by vehicle. 

You will also need a mobile phone with 100% battery, a charger to charge the smartphone in the vehicle, a fleece or windbreaker, water, food, a flashlight whose light you have previously covered with red cellophane paper, and little more. 

The more experienced also take laser pointers, binoculars, tripods, cameras, luminous lenses and everything they need to spend a night taking photos.

It is also advisable to install an app on your mobile that helps you find stars, planets, the Milky Way … In this regard, we could not fail to mention Photopills, a Spanish app, super complete, easy to use and intuitive, very valued by astrophotographers.

Places to photograph and stargazing in Fuerteventura

Astronomical Observatory of Sicasumbre

The first enclave to visit and understand the sky that you can contemplate in Fuerteventura is the Sicasumbre astronomical observatory. It is located on the left side of the FV-605 highway, between kilometers 11 and 12, after passing the Fayagua house. 

It is preferable to arrive at this enclave during the day. Here several interactive elements have been installed, such as a scale model of the solar system, a skyline to see the solstices and equinoxes, and various supports to place the telescopes and photographic equipment.

 From here we can see a landscape of great beauty towards the Natural Monument of Montaña Cardón and the Natural Park of Jandía.

Beaches to photograph stars on the west coast of Fuerteventura:

The best time to approach the beaches of the west coast is in late summer, when the galactic center is visible from this area, towards the sea. Before the Milky Way is behind the beach. 

Jarugo Beach

Jarugo beach is one of the favorite places to get started in photography of the night sky: Its access is easy by vehicle, through a track that reaches the coast itself. It is near the town of Tindaya, in case something unforeseen arises.

Jurado Beach

It is located less than 1 km from the Ajuy Caves. It is frequented by caravans and astronomy fans. It is a place where access by vehicle to the beach is possible.

 La Solapa Beach

It is one of the beaches preferred by the most experienced, as it is far from any urban center, and you have to roll carefully along the dirt track that reaches a few meters from the coast. This beach is a couple of kilometers before Garcey’s. To access it, you have to take the FV-605 road south, pass the detour to Ajuy. Continue south, and about 4 kilometers from Pájara we will find a wooden sign that indicates “La Solapa – Garcey”. We take that detour, to the right. La Solapa Beach is located about 4 kilometers away.

Ugán Beach

Ugán Beach is located at the mouth of the Ugán ravine, very close to the town of La Pared. It is far from the most populated areas of the island, and is surrounded by cliffs. This makes it one of the best environments in Fuerteventura to enjoy the stars. There is a dirt road that goes to the beach itself.

Beaches to photograph stars on the east coast of Fuerteventura:

The best time to visit the beaches of the east coast is from May to mid-summer. During those months the Milky Way is visible towards the sea. Later the Milky Way will be behind us. 

Most of the population centers of the island are located on the east coast of Fuerteventura. So finding clean enclaves of light pollution and easy access is more complicated. However we leave you a few.

Grandes playas of Corralejo

Due to its easy access and being a step away from the town of Corralejo, this enclave is one of the ideal places to start enjoying the night sky, and go with children. Also for testing new cameras and lenses.

Puerto de la Torre

Puerto de la Torre beach is located just one kilometer from the Salinas del Carmen. It is protected by escarpments which helps to make it darker, however the lights of Caleta de Fuste and Pozo Negro are quite close. Recommended to go with children, and get started in the fascinating world of astronomical observation. 

If you want more privacy, you can go down the track that connects the Salinas del Carmen with Pozo Negro, along the coast.

Jacomar Cove

It is advisable to arrive at this point during the day. You have to drive carefully along the tracks that lead to it. 

Both from the towns of Tenicosquey and from Tequital there are separate roads suitable for vehicles, which will bring you closer to the Jacomar cove 

For the most intrepid, who are looking for spectacular places with an almost black sky dotted with infinite stars, we recommend you these spots: Playa de Ojos, El Roque del Moro, Cofete, El mirador de los Canarios, the ravine and the arch of Las Peñitas, Los Mozos beach, Roque beach (under the Entallada lighthouse).

 Surely you know other impressive places. If you want to share them with our readers, send us an email to blog@fuerteventuractiva.es or leave a comment below.

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