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Discover the northern beaches of Fuerteventura at Easter

 One of the best times of the year to get to know Fuerteventura is at Easter. Among the reasons for choosing such a significant holiday period are the pleasant temperatures and the low wind between March and April.  We owe the few winds to the fact that the Azores anticyclone has not yet moved far […]

The Canary Latin Sailing (Vela latina)

If you search in the RAE (Royal Spanish Academy) the meaning of “Vela latina” will return the following result:  “Triangular sail, spanned in entena, which is usually used by small boats”.  However, those two words (Vela Latina) in the Canary Islands have a deeper meaning. They are synonymous with tradition, sport, camaraderie and rivalry. It […]

Tarajalejo Beach: Art from end to end

Tarajalejo: As small as it is beautiful. This is how this peaceful coastal town in the municipality of Tuineje, south of Fuerteventura, is.  Here the skies turn blue and the light from the Atlantic is clear. The sea is lived in every corner, in every pebble, in each of its neighbors. It is palpable, above […]

Sport events in Fuerteventura

  Sport events have recently become an excellent claim for tourist destinations, such as Fuerteventura, to be discovered by a wider and more diverse public.  Fuerteventura, in addition to having some wonderful beaches, is also known for being one of the best places in Europe for practicing water sports, and for having an ideal landscape […]

Fuerteventura in 4 days

 Fuerteventura is the longest island in the entire Canary archipelago, and the second largest. It has dozens of charming places to discover during your vacation. If you have little time, we propose the following routes, visiting the essential places in just 4 days. Fuerteventura, seen from the air, offers us unique landscapes: kilometers of beaches, […]

Discover Fuerteventura through its lighthouses

The more we walk through Fuerteventura, the more in love we are with this island. Each place, each corner, is a new opportunity to discover something different. Today we propose you to explore Fuerteventura, from end to end, visiting its lighthouses, an experience that you cannot miss.  The lighthouses of Fuerteventura Lonely, evocative, romantic … […]

Beach of Santa Inés valley

In Fuerteventura it is impossible to fall into monotony when it comes to beaches. The east coast with its extensive and infinite sandy beaches, and the wild and untamed west coast, make this island one of the favorite destinations for those seeking a vacation full of experiences.  Fuerteventura has several beaches classified among the best […]

Beaches of Fuerteventura with Blue Flag

Our coastline offers a formidable landscape as the setting for unforgettable moments. The diversity of its nature is so rich that it gives us almost personalized places for each one. Whether you want to be in a quiet place, where you can disconnect from the world, or if you are looking for more bustling enclaves, […]

Playa Blanca: sea, sun and history.

A mild climate throughout the year, extensive beaches, and dreamy natural coves. There is no place for monotony. Fuerteventura is a privileged island where you will always find your place to enjoy sunny days and the sea.  The most touristic municipalities in Fuerteventura are La Oliva and Pájara. This is not incompatible with other municipalities […]

El Jablito

Wake up by the sea, feeling the first rays of sun through the glass of the windows, listening to the squawking of the seagulls. In short, feeling that time does not pass is one of the sensations that you can experience in El Jablito. El Jablito is one of those enclaves that you don’t expect […]