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The Achipencos and the Arretrancos of Fuerteventura

Carnivals are the most colorful festivals with the greatest collective joy of the year. They are celebrated in all the municipalities of Fuerteventura.  Those of Corralejo, Morrojable and Puerto del Rosario are the ones that attract the most public.  Today we focus on the Achipencos regatta and the Arretrancos race. Two unique events, hallmark of […]

Malpaís Grande Protected Area

Thousands of people travel to Fuerteventura every year to discover the unique Majorero landscapes. Our island is a geological wonder. Not in vain is it considered by the International Geological Union as one of the places of greatest geological interest in the world.  Fuerteventura has 13 protected natural spaces. A large part of them are […]

La Matilla Trail

 Vallebrón The hiking route that we propose today is one of the so-called historical paths. It was traveled for centuries. The path, barely 6 kilometers long, was, in the past, the fastest and most direct way to go from La Matilla to Vallebrón. The other means of communication involved a journey of several hours.  Start […]

The Canary Latin Sailing (Vela latina)

If you search in the RAE (Royal Spanish Academy) the meaning of “Vela latina” will return the following result:  “Triangular sail, spanned in entena, which is usually used by small boats”.  However, those two words (Vela Latina) in the Canary Islands have a deeper meaning. They are synonymous with tradition, sport, camaraderie and rivalry. It […]

Route: From San Agustín to San Andrés

The hiking route that we propose today runs between two historic hermitages: San Agustín in Tefía and San Andrés in Tetir. It is a variation of the PR FV-15 trail.  Fuerteventura gives you, throughout this journey, a rugged landscape that seems to have remained anchored in another time, at that time when Fuerteventura smelled of […]

The last eruptions of Fuerteventura

Since the volcano Cumbre Vieja erupted  in La Palma on September 19, 2021, interest in other volcanoes in the Canary Islands has increased.  The geological history of Fuerteventura is complex, and cannot be exhaustively exposed in this blog. However, we will provide you with some information about its origins. We will also delve into the […]

From Corralejo to Majanicho by bike

Fuerteventura is said to be a quiet island, where rush and stress have no place, where living is almost like being on vacation.  This island offers you the opportunity to enjoy its landscapes at any time of the year. A good way to discover the places where nature and history come together to form a […]

Sport events in Fuerteventura

  Sport events have recently become an excellent claim for tourist destinations, such as Fuerteventura, to be discovered by a wider and more diverse public.  Fuerteventura, in addition to having some wonderful beaches, is also known for being one of the best places in Europe for practicing water sports, and for having an ideal landscape […]

Fuerteventura in 4 days

 Fuerteventura is the longest island in the entire Canary archipelago, and the second largest. It has dozens of charming places to discover during your vacation. If you have little time, we propose the following routes, visiting the essential places in just 4 days. Fuerteventura, seen from the air, offers us unique landscapes: kilometers of beaches, […]

Ascent to Mountain of La Muda

The climb to  Mountain of La Muda, a short route of no more than 3km, is a good example of the rich landscape of the island. Where is  Montaña de la Muda located?  Montaña de la Muda rises in front of the town of La Matilla. It belongs to the municipality of Puerto del Rosario, […]